How to Create a Near Wallet?

Last Modified:
March 1, 2024

NEAR is a Layer 1 blockchain that uses a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism like Ethereum.

This blockchain is known for using a "sharding solution" - a solution that enables the fast and efficient transactions.

Ready to create one? Here’s a step-by-step guide in creating a NEAR wallet:

Step 1

Go to To make a new account, tap “Create Account.”

Step 2

Tap “Get Started.”

Step 3

Copy the generated passphrase or write it down in a notebook. Click “Generate New” if you wish to choose a different set of words.

Step 4

Verify your passphrase by entering the word that corresponds to the number given. Tap "Verify and Complete."

Step 5

Congratulations! You have successfully set up your Near wallet.

And that’s all, Ka-Bit! Top-up your wallet and start sending and receiving Near tokens!