Our Story
The idea for Bitskwela started in the middle of one of Jiro's crypto YouTube marathons while listening to Kevin O' Leary talk about the crypto space. For some reason, in the middle of the video, a lightbulb lit up above Jiro's head. He realized that part of the reason why other people are 'scared' of cryptocurrencies is the lack of crypto-education available in the Philippines. That marked the start of his Bitskwela journey.
More or less today, when a person is asked, "what is Bitcoin?" or "what is a cryptocurrency?" they'll shrug - Bitskwela wants to help solve that. Here at Bitskwela, the team believes that crypto-education should be accessible and available to all kinds of Filipinos of any ethnicity.
The Founders
Meet the core team behind Bitskwela's operations

Jiro Reyes

Chief Executive Officer

Cams Puentespina

Chief Product & Tech Officer

Vince Edralin

Chief Operating Officer

Lance Chua

Chief Finance Officer

Sam Jaucian

Chief Marketing Officer
Contributors & Advisors
Get to know the active helpers in building Bitskwela's content and experience
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