Bitcoin, Nanumo
Awatem nu ania diay Bitcoin ti agsasabali nga pagsasao ti Pilipinas
Panagsursuru nga Modules
Kitaen dagiti agsasabali nga panagsarsarita nga mabalin mo basaen iti bagim nga partas
Playlist iti Bitskwela
Adalen ania iti Bitcoin maygapu diay bidyo animasyon nga playlist
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Dagiti Pagbiit nga Sungbat
Adda simple laeng nga saludsod mo dita panunot mo? Kitaem diay FAQs wenno saludsodem!

Natalged iti Bitcoin?

Natalged nga naan-anay iti Bitcoin! Naaramid idiay blockchain, diay teknolohiya nga maaramid nga rumigrigat nga ma hack digiti dakes nga agakto diay network ken takawen diay bitcoin mo!

Sino nagaramid iti Bitcoin?

Diay ammu lang ti sinuman ket iti Bitcoin inaramid ti maysa wenno grupo ti tattao nga iti nagan na ket Satoshi Nakamoto idi 2008.

Ania iti cryptocurrency?

Iti cryptocurrency ket maysa nga cuarta nga suportado iti cryptography, nga isu iti aramid nga panagtalged ti impormasyon. Isu nga maaramid na nga saan nga mabalin nga mayulad wenno ma hack.

Ania diay blockchain?

Iti blockchain key diay kangrunaan nga teknolohiya iti Bitcoin, agrebbeng para iti talged, cabaelan, ken panagkita na. Panunuten nga daytoy ket unibersal nga listaan nga isurat na kada transaksyon iti panagrugian iti Bitcoin.

Adu ngata iti mausar nga kuryente iti Bitcoin?

Kas panagsurat, iti Bitcoin ket agusar lang ti 0.14% diay produksyon iti enerhiya iti lubong kada tawen, bayat pinakangato nga mapanatili da iti pinaglaok nga enerhiya maikumpara iti sabali nga nasyon ket naggapu iti Bitcoin Mining Council nga panagsirpat.
Dagitoy amin bayat supsuportaan iti global nga network ti panagcuartaan!

Eksamin iti Bitcoin: Padasen iti pagkaawatam!
Padasen iti pagkaawatam ken kitaem nu kasano nga kaammum iti Bitcoin malpas mo naggapu dagiti agsasabali nga modules.
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Museigen Training Academy Inc., a duly registered company in the Philippines which started in June 2018 aims to teach people how they can participate in the growing blockchain and cryptocurrency market.
View Website

Gibki Labs

Gibki Labs is an IT company that specializes in Web3 services, bringing technology closer to businesses and individuals. Their mission is to position the Philippine digital ecosystem on the global stage through community, research, and blockchain awareness.
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Likha NFT

Likha is the Filipino's guided first step in entering the world of NFTs. Its curated NFT Marketplace is built exclusively for Filipino artists, brands, and creators that innovate and inspire.
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Tetrix is a simplified L_0 network of modular blockchains, seamlessly connected together. It aims to give the users a personalized experience tailor-fit to their specific needs.
View Website

Junior Fellowship for Financial Literacy

JFeL is an independent organization formed by students of Ateneo de Manila University that promotes financial literacy within and beyond the university.
View Website

Web3 Philippines

Filipino-led community, helping Filipinos to build in Web3 space by providing free access to Web3 education, making us the first and only active Web3 learning community in the country. A community of Polygon Manila, powered by thirdweb and Algo Filipino.
View Website

NFT Philippines

NFT Philippines is the premiere non-gaming NFT community in the country. We aim to spread the concept of NFTs and be the center of NFT growth in the Philippines.
View Website
Dagiti Kasosio
Tiliwen dagitoy dakkel nga kompania nga agiwarwaras iti bisyon nga aramiden nga demokratik iti crypto para iti masa ti Pilipino.
Ag-apply nga Kasosio
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Asidegen nga Umay!
Umuna ka nga mangala iti nadetalye nga pannakaammo ti balita ti Crypto nga napirsapirsay nga parte iti panagsuskribe mo tatta.
July 16, 2022

Is it over for Terra-Luna? Here’s What You Should Know About the Crash

The intense collapse of LUNA and UST has definitely ruined not just the reputation of Terra-Luna’s team, but also the cryptocurrency market in general.

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July 7, 2022

Bitskwela Partners with Museigen Training Academy to Help Expand Crypto Awareness and Adoption

With this partnership, Museigen will work hand-in-hand with Bitskwela's different online educational initiatives to help expand crypto-literacy locally.

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July 5, 2022

What are Consensus Mechanisms?

Cryptocurrency often finds itself being severely criticized due to various reasons. Its decentralization is a favorite topic of its critics.

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July 5, 2022

Bitskwela Partners with Web3 Philippines in Providing Access to Free Web3 Education

With this partnership, Web3 Philippines will work hand-in-hand with Bitskwela's community to democratize crypto-literacy locally.

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June 30, 2022

What are the Different Blockchain Layers?

If you’re new to the blockchain, you might be surprised to discover that they’re more than just blocks of stored data on a chain. They actually have many layers. 

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June 22, 2022

What is the Blockchain Trilemma?

Every day, you and I are faced with choices that we must make, even if it means sacrificing other alternatives. Similarly, the blockchain faces dilemmas. 

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June 18, 2022

Bitskwela Partners with Gibki to Build NextGen Filipino Web3 Developers

With this partnership, Gibki will work hand-in-hand with Bitskwela’s mission by providing blockchain and cybersecurity consultancy.

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June 15, 2022

Introduction to On-chain Metrics

Did you know that cryptocurrency data can be viewed? This would not have been possible if on-chain metrics did not emerge.

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June 9, 2022

Bitskwela Partners with Likha to Educate Filipinos on NFTs

Bitskwela is proud to announce its partnership with Likha to help educate Filipinos on NFTs.

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June 5, 2022

Blockchain: A Revolutionary Invention born 20 years ago

If you’ve ever heard about “Bitcoin”, there’s a big chance that you’ve also encountered the term “blockchain.” However, did you know that this concept has been around since 1991?

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