How to Create a Phantom Wallet?

Last Modified:
February 28, 2024

Phantom is a digital wallet used to safely and efficiently store, send, receive, collect, and swap tokens on the Solana blockchain

Recently, Phantom announced that it would be supporting Ethereum and Polygon on its desktop, iOS, and Android applications.

This wallet is available for both desktop and mobile. In this guide, we will be using Google Chrome (Desktop). Similar steps can be followed for the mobile version.

Ready to create one? Here’s a step-by-step guide in creating your first Phantom wallet:

Step 1

Go to and click “Download.

Step 2

Pick your preferred browser.

Step 3

Since we’re using the Chrome browser, click the “Add to Chrome” button.

Step 4

Click the “Add extension” to add a Phantom Wallet extension to your browser.

Step 5

Click “Create a new wallet”.

Step 6

Set up a secure password for your Phantom wallet. 

Step 7

Save your Secret Recovery Phrase and click the small checkbox to continue.

Important note: Never give out your secret recovery phrase to anyone or any website unless you want them to have complete access to your funds. It is highly recommended to write it down and keep it in a safe and secure place. If you lose your secret recovery phrase, Phantom won't be able to help you get your wallet back, and your funds will be permanently gone.

If you want to take a look at your assets and make transactions, click on the extension, and a pop-up window of your wallet should appear. You may also copy your account address by clicking on the 'Wallet 1' area, as seen in the picture below.

Tip: You can pin the extension to your toolbar to access your wallet faster.

That’s it. Congratulations on creating your very first Phantom wallet! Stay safe and enjoy your crypto journey, Ka-Bit!

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