How to Apply for an NFT Whitelist Spot?

Last Modified:
February 29, 2024

When an NFT collection launches, it may sell out within hours as buyers rush to mint NFTs the moment the collection is open to the public. With so many trying to transact on the blockchain at the same time, gas fees can go up, forcing potential buyers to pay even higher transaction fees to buy the NFTs before they get sold out.

To avoid this, founders usually hold pre-sales called “whitelists” to give some community members early access before the public mint date. They may also prioritize a list of members during the public launch, allowing them to buy NFTs without having to compete with everyone else. To be part of this whitelist, you have to follow several steps.

Often, instructions are posted on the project’s Twitter account.

Step 1

To be eligible for a whitelist spot, you may be asked to like or retweet the post, tag your friends, follow the account, or promote the project on social media.

Step 2

To participate, you will often be asked to join the project’s community. Click the link for further instructions.

Step 3

Often, the link will redirect you to a discord server. Click the link to join.

Step 4

Accept the invitation..

Step 5

Get verified.

Step 6

Look for a channel containing instructions for getting whitelisted.

Step 7

Depending on the project, whitelist spots may or may not be guaranteed. Follow instructions for the chance to win a spot.

Applying for a whitelist spot may take extra effort on your part, but if you really want to buy an NFT before the market price soars, this may be your best bet. Happy collecting, Ka-Bit!