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Safety and Managing Risks on SocialFi

Co-written by Raphael Bustamante, James de Jesus, and Gabriel Paningbatan
Key Takeaways
  • There will always be some risks whenever getting into any piece of technology like SocialFi.
  • We can mitigate these risks by becoming aware of them and exercising necessary precaution. 
  • Some ways to manage risk with SocialFi include securing passwords and devices, doing your own research (DYOR) when investing, protecting your data and privacy, and being mindful of your content.

As with any piece of technology, there will always be some risks involved when getting into it. Though we can’t avoid these risks completely, we can be aware of them and take some necessary precautions. Let's dive into the potential risks lurking beneath the shiny surface of SocialFi and see how we can protect ourselves!

Securing passwords and devices: Even though SocialFi protects against hacks on centralized servers, your account can still be at risk. Ensure the safety of your passwords so that no one can access them. You can do this by choosing strong, unique passwords, using a password manager, and enabling Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). If you have cryptocurrency wallets connected to SocialFi platforms, secure your seed phrase. It would be best to write it down physically and keep it where only you can access it. Ensure the devices you use to access SocialFi are also secure. 

Do Your Own Research (DYOR) when investing: Before you invest time or money into a SocialFi platform, make sure that you know what you’re getting into. It is best to do your own research (DYOR) before getting into any project. Understand each project's purpose, team, tokenomics, and potential risks. The crypto space is still relatively new and rife with scams and overhyped ventures. By thoroughly reviewing anything you plan to engage with, you’ll be able to have a safer time in your SocialFi journey. 

Protecting your data and privacy: Since SocialFi effectively allows you to control how much data you share, you might as well use that feature to protect yourself. Understand the data privacy policies of each SocialFi platform, including the type of data they collect. It also would do you well not just to share information about yourself unnecessarily, such as posting your address or crypto earnings. You can also take advantage of privacy features, such as creating a pseudonym and interacting with a digital identity. 

Being mindful of your content: With great power comes great responsibility. Just because SocialFi and Web3 encourage decentralization and freedom doesn’t mean that we should just post anything we want. Avoid content that intentionally harms others. Also, respect copyright laws and refrain from sharing intellectual property that isn’t yours. Consider the potential consequences of your content before posting on SocialFi platforms. Remember, once it’s online, it is very difficult to erase completely.

That’s all there is to it! Keep trying different SocialFi platforms and see which works for you!

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Safety and Managing Risks on SocialFi

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