Introduction to Subsocial

Last Modified:
March 1, 2024

Subsocial is a Web3 social media platform on the Polkadot ecosystem — think Facebook but for Web3. Subsocial uses blockchain technology to allow its users to monetize content by either:

  • Posting content
  • Actively engaging with good content posted by others

In contrast with traditional social media platforms, it does this without the need for the platform or other service providers to facilitate the transactions between the users while pocketing a huge share of the user’s earnings for themselves.

What Does Subsocial Offer?

Data Sovereignty

Subsocial puts users in control of the content they create. Users don't need to worry about their data being used or sold without consent. 

Censorship Resistance

Because SubSocial operates through Polkadot, which is a decentralized blockchain, no company has the authority to  block content, halt payments, or remove users from the platform arbitrarily.

Content Monetization:

Subsocial allows users to create content, share it with the world, and get paid without having to pay a large cut of their earnings to the platform. 

Subsocial was built to empower the creator economy

Users can monetize their content directly through the PolkaVerse. Here’s a quick guide to setting up an account:

How to Join the PolkaVerse?

Step 1

Select "Content Monetization" from the Subsocial Ecosystem.

Step 2

Sign in.

Step 3

Connect your Polkadot wallet and select an account.

Step 4

Create your profile to start posting and interacting with other creators.

To finish setting up your profile, you will need SUB.

How to Get SUB

SUB is the native token of the Subsocial blockchain, which has yet to launch its mainnet.

To get SUB, you can do a cross-chain swap to get DOT on HydraX.

Next, swap the DOT for SUB using their swap feature.

Another option is to do a cross-chain swap from (DOT, ETH, or other compatible tokens) to GLMR on MoonBeam via StellaSwap.

Then swap the GLMR for SUB.

Once you have SUB in your wallet, you can start earning by posting your own content or engaging with other posts, such as this one:

Overall, Subsocial is a platform that lets users get more control over their online presence, earn from their content, and interact with other Web3 enthusiasts in a safe and secure way.