formal english definition

An informational document written to explain a product, solution, or service being offered.


A whitepaper tells you everything you need to know about a cryptocurrency project. It written by those who've made the project as a way to explain what it does and how it is different from other projects.


A whitepaper is a summary of a cryptocurrency project that is written by its developers. It is a detailed document containing all relevant information about a cryptocurrency project, such as its founding team and roadmap. It exists to give potential investors, developers, and stakeholders a better understanding about its project's use case.

Other local languages
Tagalog definition

Isang hindi pormal na dokumento na isinulat para maipaliwanag ang isang produkto, solusyon, o serbisyo na inaalok.

Cebuano definition

Usa ka dokumento sa impormasyon nga gisulat aron ipatin-aw ang usa ka produkto, solusyon, o serbisyo nga gitanyag.

Ilocano definition

Ti impormasyon iti dokyumento nga nakasurat nga mangipalawag iti produkto, solusyon, ken serbisyo nga maited.