Target number

tahr-git num-ber


formal english definition

The criteria that Bitcoin miners must meet in order to validate a transaction.


In blockchain, a target number is like a special difficulty level for the computer to solve a puzzle. It's like trying to solve a really hard math problem, where the target number is the answer you're looking for. The computer has to work really hard to find the answer, and when it does, it can add a new block to the blockchain.


In blockchain, the target number is a numerical value that determines the level of difficulty for miners to solve a block. The target number is part of the mining algorithm and is adjusted every few blocks to maintain a consistent block time. The lower the target number, the higher the difficulty level, and the more computational power needed to solve the block.

Other local languages
Tagalog definition

Ang criteria na dapat makamit ng mga Bitcoin miner para mapatunayan ang isang transaksyon.

Cebuano definition

Ang mga pamatasan nga kinahanglan matagbo sa mga miner sa Bitcoin aron ma-validate ang usa ka transaksyon.

Ilocano definition

Ti pamantayan iti Bitcoin miners nga masapol nga agsarac ti naipaw-it tapno mapatunayan diyay transaksyon.