formal english definition

The amount of produced goods.


Supply refers to how much of something is available. For example, if there are only five toys in a store, then the supply of toys is five. When there is a limited supply of something, it can be more valuable and harder to get.


Supply refers to the total amount of any good or service that producers of it are able to provide to consumers. Assets with limited supply are considered more valubale since they are rare and their price tends to go up with time. In terms of cryptocurrency, the supply would be the amount of coins that there are available per crypocurrency. For example, Bitcoin has a limited supply of only 21 million coins that will ever exist.

Other local languages
Tagalog definition

(Suplay) Dami ng nilikhang mga produkto.

Cebuano definition

(Suplay) Ang gidaghanon sa mga produkto nga gihimo.

Ilocano definition

(Tustos) Ti dagup iti naaramid nga produkto.