Safe Haven

saf hay-vuhn


formal english definition

A place where one is provided an opportunity to escape from harm or danger.


In investing terms, a safe haven is a place where people put their money during difficult financial times. A safe haven is expected to protect the value of the money stored there.


In investing terms, a safe haven refers to an investment expected to either increase or at least retain value during a turbulent market. Investors park their money in safe havens as a way to limit their risk and minimize their losses.

Other local languages
Tagalog definition

Isang lugar kung saan may oportunidad makatakas sa pinsala o peligro.

Cebuano definition

Usa ka dapit diin ang usa gihatagan og kahigayonan nga makalingkawas gikan sa kadaot o kapeligrohan.

Ilocano definition

Paset nga adda iti maysa nga maikkan iti gundaway nga makatakas iti dangran wennu peggad.