formal english definition

The consensus mechanism that Bitcoin uses where Bitcoin miners expend work and energy to secure the network.


Proof-of-Work is like solving a puzzle to show that you did a good job and should get a reward.


Proof-of-Work is a consensus mechanism used in blockchain networks to confirm and validate transactions. It involves participants, called miners, solving computationally intensive puzzles to prove that they performed a certain amount of work, which helps secure the network and allows them to add new blocks to the blockchain.

Other local languages
Tagalog definition

Ang sistemang pangkasunduan na ginagamit ng Bitcoin kung saan gumagastos ang mga mga Bitcoin miner ng oras at enerhiya para protektahan ang network.

Cebuano definition

Ang mekanismo sa konsensus nga gigamit sa Bitcoin diin ang mga miners sa Bitcoin naggasto sa trabaho ug kusog aron masiguro ang network.

Ilocano definition

Ti nagtulagan nga mekanismo iti Bitcoin nga ususaren iti Bitcoin miners ag gastos iti aramid ken enerhiya tapno matalgedan na iti network.