Genesis block

jen-uh-sis blok


formal english definition

The first block ever created in Bitcoin’s blockchain.


Genesis block is the first block created in the blockchain. A block is like a special container that holds lots of Bitcoin transactions. Meanwhile, the blockchain is like a big book that keeps track of all the transactions that ever happened in a network. It's like a special history book.


Genesis block is the initial block deployed in the blockchain from which all the other blocks are linked. It is crucial to the blockchain because it establishes the initial parameters for the network. This initial block includes a distinct set of data that sets it apart from all other blocks in the chain.

Other local languages
Tagalog definition

Ang pinakaunang bloke na ginawa sa blockchain ng Bitcoin.

Cebuano definition

Ang una nga block nga nahimo sukad sa blockchain sa Bitcoin.

Ilocano definition

Kaunaan nga bloke nga naaramid iti benned iti blockchain iti bitcoin.