Decentralized/ Decentralization



formal english definition

The state of having no single entity in control; opposite of centralized.


Decentralized means that there's no one person or group in charge. It's like a group of friends working on a project together without any one person being the leader. Everyone has equal say in how the project is completed.


Decentralized means not owned and managed by a central authority, such as the government or a corporation. The power to make decisions and carry them out is distributed among different members of a network or organization to make the process more democratic and to avoid a single point of failure.

Other local languages
Tagalog definition

(Desentralisado/Desentralisasyon) Ang kaanyuang hindi kontrolado ng isang nilalang, kasalungat ng sentralisado.

Cebuano definition

(Desentralisado/Desentralisasyon) Ang estado nga walay usa nga entidad nga nagkontrol; bali sa sentralisado.

Ilocano definition

(Desentralisado/Desentralisasyon) Ti maysa nga sarita nga awan ti maysa nga nilalang nga mangi turturay; casango iti sentralisado.