formal english definition

A type of digital currency based on cryptography, is peer-to-peer, and usually decentralized.


Cryptocurrency is like digital money that uses special computer codes to keep it safe and make sure people can't use it twice. It's not controlled by any one person or organization, and people can use it to buy things or trade it for other types of money.


A cryptocurrency is a type of digital currency that is created, recorded, and stored on a blockchain network using secure encryption techniques. Cryptocurrencies can be transferred between individuals without the need for a trusted third party to facilitate the transaction.

Other local languages
Tagalog definition

Isang uri ng digital currency na base sa cryptography, peer-to-peer, at madalas ay desentralisado.

Cebuano definition

Usa ka tipo sa digital currency base sa cryptography, kay peer-to-peer, ug kasagaran desentralisado.

Ilocano definition

klase iti digital nga cuarta nga nakabase iti cryptography, isu ti peer-to-peer, ken sigsigud nga desentralisado.