Consensus system

kuhn-sen-suhs sis-tuhm


formal english definition

The process of how different computers reach an agreement.


A consensus system is when everyone agrees on something.It's like when you and your friends want to eat somewhere, you all have to agree on where to eat.


A consensus mechanism is a system used by blockchain networks to validate transactions and maintain the security of the blockchain. All network nodes must agree to follow the consensus mechanism to ensure that all transaction records recorded and shared across the network are accurate and valid.

Other local languages
Tagalog definition

(Mekanismong kasunduan) Proseso kung paano makaabot ng kasunduan ang iba’t ibang mga kompyuter.

Cebuano definition

(Konsensus nga sistema) Proseso diin kung giunsa ang lainlaing mga kompyuter nakab-ot ang usa ka kasabutan.

Ilocano definition

(Nagtulagan nga sistema) Proseso dagiti sabal-sabali nga computer nu casano da nga madanon iti maysa nga nagtulagan.

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