Asymmetric cryptography

Ay-si-met-rik krip-tog-ruh-fee


formal english definition

One of the cryptographic systems Bitcoin uses that involves both a private and public key.


Asymmetric cryptography is a way to keep secret messages safe. It uses two special keys, one to lock the message and one to unlock it. Just like a special key to lock your diary that only you can unlock with your own key, this helps keep secret messages safe from people who aren't supposed to see them.


Asymmetric cryptography is a cryptographic method that uses two different keys, public and private, to secure digital communication and transactions.

Other local languages
Tagalog definition

Isa sa mga sistemang kryptogropiya na ginagamit ng Bitcoin na kinasasangkutan/gumagamit ng sabay na private at public key.

Cebuano definition

Usa sa mga sistema sa cryptographic nga gigamit sa Bitcoin nga naglakip sa pribado ug publiko nga yawe.

Ilocano definition

Maysa nga agus-usar iti systema iti cryptography iti bitcoin nga mairaman iti tulbec iti pribado ken publico.