formal english definition

Any resource owned or controlled by a business or an economic entity.


An asset is something valuable that someone owns, which can be used or sold to make money in the future. It's like having a treasure that can be beneficial when needed. Companies also have assets, like buildings or equipment, which are used to produce goods or provide services.


An asset is a resource or economic value owned or controlled by an individual or organization, with the expectation of providing future benefits. It can be tangible (such as physical property) or intangible (such as intellectual property or brand reputation), as well as financial (such as cash, stocks, bonds, or investments).

Other local languages
Tagalog definition

Yaman na pinagmamayari o kontrolado ng isang negosyo o isang pang-ekonomiyang nilalang.

Cebuano definition

Bisan unsang kapanguhaan nga gipanag-iya o kontrolado sa usa ka negosyo o usa ka entidad sa ekonomiya.

Ilocano definition

Uray ania nga pag al-alaan ti maysa a makinbagi wenno kontrolado iti negosyo ken nilalang iti ekonomiya.