How to Invest in the IXS Launchpad

Last Modified:
June 14, 2024

The IX Swap launchpad is a decentralized platform where users can invest in early-stage startups and emerging businesses. With deals starting as low as $1, you can invest in early-stage startups and emerging businesses. With deals starting as low as $1, you can access unique investment opportunities in finance, energy, gaming, healthcare, real estate, and other sectors using security tokens to represent equity. Every offering is thoroughly vetted, designed to be regulatory-compliant, and accessible to investors across the market.

IX Swap eliminates the high-entry cost to investing by tokenizing real-world assets via blockchain technology. This allows investors to reap the benefits of investing in the private market, such as higher potential returns, portfolio diversification, and exclusive deals that are not available in public markets.

You can select from the available deals listed on the platform or indicate your interest in possible future projects.

The IXS Launchpad offers different stages of investment and the timeline for reach:

  • Register To Invest - Register to join the whitelist for the presale stage.
  • Presale - This is the private sale for investors who registered their interest.
  • Public Sale - All investors can participate in the open sale of shares depending on the allocation left after the presale.
  • Closed - The IXS Launchpad sale or deal is officially closed.
  • Token Claim - If the project successfully reaches its funding goal, this is the time period when RWA tokens will be distributed to all investors. If the project fails to reach its target, investors have the option to withdraw their initial investment.

To access the launchpad, you need to connect your crypto wallet and pass the KYC verification process.

How to Invest in the IX Swap Launchpad

Step 1

Under “Products,” select “IXS Launchpad” from the dropdown list.

Step 2

Click “Participate Now.”

Step 3

Select a project to invest in.

Step 4

Click “Preview” to get a detailed overview of the project’s goals, roadmap, founding team, investor benefits, and more.

Carefully take note of further details, such as minimum investment size and investment structure, before deciding to invest in the project.

Step 4

Click “Invest” to participate in your first deal!

Step 5

Enter the amount you want to invest.

Step 6

Agree to the terms and conditions and click “Invest.”

Step 7

Set the spending cap and confirm the transaction.

Step 8

Await the confirmation message.

Congratulations! In just a few steps, you were able to invest in the project for as low as $1 dollar. 

Through real-world asset tokenization, the IXS launchpad makes investment and crowdfunding much simpler and easier for investors and startup founders across the world. As the platform continues to expand, we can look forward to exciting new investment opportunities and more chances for the innovators of the future to get the funding they need to grow.