Banks fall under the ____ system, which is the mainstream financial system that has been operating for decades.

DeFi is much less regulated than TradFi and offers more privacy since DeFi services don’t collect ______ information.

The easiest way to get into DeFi would be to use ______, which are software applications that operate on decentralized networks.

Cams is a single mother who works three jobs. She doesn’t really have much time to manage the security of her money and just wants to rely on a regulated institution to handle it for her. She would want to put her money in _______.

Yohan needs to regularly send money abroad to support his brother’s studies. He found that using traditional remittance services costs too much money. Wanting direct and peer-to-peer services, he would want to use _____.

What is Decentralized Finance (DeFi)?
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