Sometimes, smart contract codes will have _____ that hackers can exploit.

_____ refers to temporarily losing value in the assets you provided in a liquidity pool as compared to simply holding them outside the pool.

To manage risk when using DEXs, secure your devices with _____ and hide your cryptocurrency wallet's ____.

Should you plan to be a _____, understanding impermanent loss is crucial!

When using DEXs, you should avoid trading ____ liquidity pairs since these are prone to manipulation.

Liquidity pools operate using an _____. It acts as an algorithm that prices the assets in a liquidity pool in relation to how much of it is left.

It is important to only use reputable DEXs whose smart contracts have been ___ properly.

If a liquidity pool has 10 BNB, buying 1 BNB costs $100, but now that 9 BNB is left, buying another BNB would cost ____.

Chelle provided liquidity to a liquidity pool and earned some rewards, but she is now at an impermanent loss. She wants to withdraw her capital but is afraid of taking the loss. What is her best course of action?

Safety and Risk Management when using DEXs
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