Once you decide which DEX to use, you need to set up a working cryptocurrency ____.

To access the website of your chosen DEX, then click the “_____” button.

The more liquidity a DEX has, the more ____ it is and the more ____ prices on that DEX will be.

These represent a user's share in a liquidity pool and act as a receipt for their contribution. You can use these later on to withdraw your share of liquidity.

Liquidity providers are also generally rewarded with the yield on the crypto liquidity they provided, which comes from a share of the ____ generated.

The easiest way to fund a self-custodial cryptocurrency wallet is to buy some crypto from a _____ and then send it to your wallet.

Aaron invested in Bitcoin early and now wants to change some of his BTC to another token to diversify his portfolio. Which DEX function should he use?

Manman was given some Ethereum for his birthday and he wants to generate some yield on it passively. Which DEX function should he use?

How to use Decentralized Exchanges?
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