Coinfest Asia 2023: Asia's Immersive Web3 Festival

September 7, 2023

Coinfest Asia stands as an immersive Web3 festival that unfolded on August 24-25, 2023, against the stunning backdrop of Bali Clifftop, Indonesia. The event brought together both the Web2 and Web3 industries to delve into practical insights and forge meaningful connections within an immersive festival atmosphere - by the beach!

Taking place in an informal clifftop location in Bali, Indonesia, the event deviates from the traditional conference format, providing attendees with an opportunity to interact and build networks in an informal environment. Aside from this, the event was also decorated with various side events starting as early as August 16 to as late as August 29.

The two-day event was packed with over 100 influential speakers and featured prominent sponsors including Fireblocks, Ripple, Pintu, Google Cloud, Algorand,, Circle, Chainalysis, and Indodax, among others.

From right to left: Oliver Barker of Sui Foundation, Bitskwela CEO Jiro Reyes, Bitskwela advisor Darlene Torres, Adam Peterson of Sui Foundation, and Bitskwela COO Vince Edralin.

The Bitskwela team is honored to have attended the event where we had the opportunity to engage with industry leaders, exchange insights, and foster valuable connections within the vibrant crypto community.

From right to left: Vince, Jiro, and Tirta Karma Senjaya, the Head of Commodity Futures Construction and Development Bureau in Indonesia. 

From right to left: Jiro, Darlene, and Vince. 

Event Highlights

  1. Two Separate Stages

The main highlight of the event was the talks being held by various industry professionals in a panel discussion set at two different stages. Attendees were given the option to send their questions online for the panel discussion. 

The Converge Stage

The first stage for panel discussion is the Converge Stage, held inside a tent near the partner booths. Participants obtained valuable insights from the esteemed speakers who shared their expertise and perspectives on the latest trends and developments in the industry. 

One of the talks that were held in this stage was Clash of the Titans: Decentralized vs Centralized Trading where Samuel Yim of 1inch, Jeth Soetoyo of Pintu, Naman Sehgal of ZKX, Yudhono Rawis of Tokocrypto, and Amor Maclang of GoDigital Pilipinas shared their professional opinions.

The Sunset Stage

The second stage is the Sunset Stage, where discussions were held in an open-air informal setting. Attendees were free to sit wherever they pleased and enjoy the sunset while they were at it. 

A discussion that took place in this stage between Dato’ Fadzli Shah of Zetrix, Gabriel Tham of Google Cloud, and Manfred Chew of was entitled Disrupting Borders: How Web3 Revolutionized The Global Economy

  1. A Cultural Dance and a Live Airdrop
A traditional Indonesian dance performance following the conclusion of Day 1 of the event

A live airdrop was held after a panel event on Day 2

As the event came to a close on August 24, attendees were treated to a captivating traditional Indonesian dance performance that showcased the rich cultural heritage of the region. Additionally, a “live airdrop” was held on August 25 after an engaging panel event, where balloons with free merchandise attached to them were dropped from the ceiling for the attendees to catch. This added an element of excitement as participants eagerly anticipated the distribution of real rewards they could immediately claim. These diverse activities added an extra layer of enrichment to the event, creating an unforgettable experience for all those in attendance.

  1. Afterparties

Lastly, afterparty events were held after the conference proper. Participants were invited to enjoy the night at Savaya for Day 1 and Locca Sea House for Day 2. The parties provided the participants a chance to unwind and celebrate the culmination of the event.

Savaya, Bali, Indonesia

To wrap things up, Coinfest Asia 2023 was indeed an immersive Web3 festival experience. Breaking away from the conventional conference norms, the event was able to foster deep insights, meaningful connections, and joyful festivities. 

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