Boracay Bitcoin Island Retreat: Industry Leaders Gather to Explore the Future of Bitcoin

May 1, 2023

Major players in the country's cryptocurrency industry,,, and Bitskwela, recently collaborated to host the first-ever Bitcoin Conference in the Philippines, where dozens of Bitcoiners and industry leaders from around the globe gathered. The event took place from March 27th to 29th, 2023, at Henann Regency in Boracay.

The retreat offered opportunities for both attendees and speakers to network and engage in discussions about the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in the Bitcoin industry. It also provided the participants with a forum to interact with key players in the field. 

The event was spearheaded by Ethan Rose, Founder and CEO of, and Elijah Tan, Vice President of Operations at Other speakers in attendance included Florin Hilbay, former Solicitor General of the Philippines and current Dean of the College of Law at Silliman University; Jack Lee, founder of HCM Capital; Mary Imasuen, renowned Bitcoin Gamer; Jiro Reyes, founder and CEO of Bitskwela; and more.

Speakers covered a wide range of topics, including the State of Bitcoin/Lightning Network adoption in Japan, the Streaming and Social Layer of Bitcoin, Bitcoin as Generational Wealth, the Bitcoin Circular Economy, the difference between a custodial wallet and a non-custodial wallet, and the flaws of Fiat Money.

During the event, attendees witnessed a remarkable moment when Gillian Kok, a renowned Bitcoiner and holistic therapist, shed light on the profound relationship between Bitcoin and spiritual growth. She also highlighted the limitations of Bitcoin and offered practical methods to align one's body, mind, and soul, thereby attaining true freedom. Her insights provided a unique perspective on the intersection of technology and spirituality, leaving a lasting impression on the attendees.

Event Highlights

  1. "Boracay Business Panel" 

Local business owners shared their experience of accepting Bitcoin through the lightning network as a payment method. The discussion focused on their use of, offering attendees an informative and engaging insight into the growing adoption of Bitcoin in the Boracay business community.

  1. Public Panel Discussion

Attendees were also treated to an engaging public panel discussion that allowed any audience or participant to join and share their insights about Bitcoin. This interactive session provided a platform for individuals to exchange ideas and collaborate, contributing to a dynamic and inclusive event experience.

  1. Exclusive Merchandise

The conference featured a variety of booths offering exclusive merchandise, including Bitcoin Island Merch by HODLing APPAREL, Florin Hilbay's latest book about Bitcoin, free Bitcoin stickers, and more. These booths provided attendees with an opportunity to explore the latest products and services related to Bitcoin and connect with other members of the community, adding to the overall excitement and energy of the event.


The Bitcoin Island Retreat was a resounding success, bringing together the crypto community to explore the future of Bitcoin. Over the past year, Boracay has undergone a remarkable transformation, emerging as one of the world's largest and most thriving Bitcoin communities. With over 250 businesses accepting Bitcoin payments, the island has become a hub for enthusiasts and merchants looking to leverage the benefits of the Lightning Network. Overall, the event provided a unique opportunity for attendees to engage with thought leaders, share insights, and collaborate; contributing to the continued growth of the Bitcoin ecosystem.

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